Because of YOU

Nyla’s Story

Mom’s House is blessed to be apart of all our families’ lives while they are on their journey to an education and financial independence. This past month we experienced the incredible reminder of how blessed with our with Nyla’s story and how we would not be able to have or share these incredible moments without donors like YOU! So this month we honor all our donors and share this beautiful story with you.

Mom’s House had a young mother, Jazcity, join the program with her two children – a preschooler, Tristan and a toddler, Nyla. Before Mom’s House Jazcity worked paycheck to paycheck as a cashier. Jazcity decided she wanted more for her children and realized that wasn’t going to happen, with just a high school diploma, working as a cashier. She decided to enroll her family at Mom’s House so she could attend YTI to earn a degree in the medical field.

Jazcity’s toddler Nyla never experienced a childcare setting before, Jazcity warned us when she came that Nyla liked to be held and cried… a lot. It didn’t take long to see that Nyla was significantly developmentally behind, so much that she was not able to be in a classroom with the other toddlers. She did not walk or crawl, and still drank from a bottle. She also had trouble trusting the teachers and would spend a lot of her time crying for her mother. While the teachers at Mom’s House are very much use to the transition of children into childcare for the first time – this time was different.

Mom’s House worked with Jazcity to arrange early intervention and therapists to come into Mom’s House giving Jazcity a plan to help with Nyla as well as raise Tristan. Nyla not only had trouble trusting at Mom’s House but she also had trouble trusting others at home. Jazcity and her children live in a multiple family town home, with people around house all the time Jazcity held Nyla constantly to keep Nyla from crying and keep her home peaceful with the others that live with her.

It wasn’t until our staff picked up on ques like Nyla’s reaction when she would attempt to feed herself or when she would wake up from a nap. Mom’s House arranged Jazcity to take Nyla to get her vision checked. Nyla was diagnosed being extremely farsighted and nearsighted. Nyla spent her life practically blind – no wonder she had trust issues, she couldn’t see.

A few weeks ago, for the first time, everyone that came into the infant classroom was greeted by Nyla waving. She now wears adorable glasses and a beautiful smile.  She still has a lot to catch up on however it’s so heartwarming that in a matter of days after getting glasses Nyla has improved so much. Jazcity says the quality of life at home improved immediately as well!