Fill a House with LOVE and it becomes a Home

With the warm weather our Preschool Curriculum was able experience a new way to learn about bugs, buildings and home.  With student interests in building things and reading books like The Grouchy Ladybug, not to mention donor support  – Ms. Dana was able to create fun lesson plans that kept everyone excited to learn more!  First Ms. Dana’s class learned about different types of buildings and even tried to create structures with different art supplies. Then a special treat was actually watching lady bugs grow in a lady bug habitat, and eventually were released outside for an experience our preschoolers will never forget!

From that experience Ms. Dana’s Classroom asked questions like, “What does home look like to me?” “Does everything have a home?” while reading books like The Three Little Pigs, discussions about different parts of buildings, and building in the block area.

These lessons not only gave our preschoolers hours of learning, fun and many art projects to take home but also an understanding of what home looks like for them.