We often speak of how we are supporting children to meet their milestones and prepare them for Kindergarten or other learning opportunities in the future.

We year after year see children who have touched our lives and forever leave a mark on Mom’s House. Seeing them develop into the young boys and girls that will take place in our workforce in years to come might be hard to imagine, but in a blink of an eye, they are there!

Mom’s House collected data from recent parent and preschool graduates. All last year’s preschoolers were excelling in their first year at their new schools. Many parents were proud to report how well their children transitioned in elementary school. One of our 2017 preschool graduate has performed in two ballets for Lancaster Mennonite School in Lancaster. A 2012 preschool graduate received the Presidential Education Award for her academic achievements this past school year.

We sincerely hope these updates fill you with as much joy, love, and pride for the family we serve, as they do for Mom’s House. As the new school year starts; our hearts fill with hope at Mom’s House for both the parent graduates and our preschool graduates on their successes and humbled with gratitude for the supporters who make these moments are made possible.

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