Groundbreaking Improvements Underway

Jul 4, 2016 | In The Community, Summer

Despite having access to world-class childcare for the single parent families we serve, our location limits MHOL’s footprint in the community.

Our Backyard Initiative (BYI) goes beyond high quality childcare, to improve the future of two generations, by improving our property and strengthening the neighborhood’s health.

Launched last year as part of a storm cleanup to our property, we raised over $2,500.00, recruited many supporters, and residents to draw upon their own knowledge, skills, and cultural values to help create a safe, fun and educational backyard for our students.

Continuing our efforts to build an educational play area in our backyard, we have partnered with JM Synthetic Grass, Willow Valley Communities, and Wilshire Hills Lions Club with funding from the Dale S. High Foundation, Willow Valley Communities, PA Healthy Kids. We officially broke ground this independence weekend for our playground.

“Mom’s House is so thankful to everyone involved in this project. It is so heartwarming to see our supporters jump in to make our BYI more than we imagined. This will improve our center as well as the neighborhood.” said Sara Moyer, Executive Director for MHOL. Sara then added “In fact plans are already under way to move our initiative to the front of our building and neighborhood.”

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