Letter Written to Contributor

Mar 25, 2017Success Stories

I am a mother from Mom’s House and I am attending York College for both my RN license and my BSN degree. I had my daughter, who is 2 years old now, halfway through my program. I was very concerned about how I would complete my degrees as a single mother when daycare is such a huge expense.

I was told about Mom’s House and scheduled an interview as soon as possible. I was so excited when my daughter was accepted into the program because it was truly the only option we had. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunities that we have through Mom’s House, and the greatest of all those opportunities is finally completing my education. After this semester I have 2 left until I am able to sit for the NCLEX exam!

I want to take a moment to express how grateful I am for your choice to participate with Mom’s House. By doing so, you have been a part of building futures for many single parent homes that are in need of help during a difficult and life changing experience.

You are assisting us in providing the best future for ourselves and our children, but also you are giving us the chance to give back to our own community. My field specifically puts me in an excellent position to serve the community’s health needs upon graduating. This will allow me to assist others during their times of need which I am very happy for.

You are a fundamental piece in the experience that all of us have through Mom’s House, and I could not be more thankful to have your support. Thank you for your continued efforts to help us grow and develop into providers, caregivers, and successful members of our community. Each of us are incredibly blessed to have your support, and also touched by the example that you set for us. There are many people that need a helping hand and do not have it. We cannot truly express how much it means to all of us that you have extended a hand to brighten our futures, our children’s’ futures, and the futures of whomever we may touch and encourage through life.

Again, thank you for being a crucial part of all of our lives and giving us the tools we need to be successful!

Your kindness will not be forgotten.