“Not Gifts, But Investments”

Jul 8, 2016 | Donor Appreciation

Kids Holding Letters Saying "Thank You We Love You!"

“In the 1990s I had become a supporter to Mom’s House. Your Mission is so important to me because it impacts the young lives and ultimately our future.

My parents had been engaged helping the children in our neighborhood growing up, and this had left a meaningful mark on me. As I got older I also saw that helping young parents focus on higher education would be well served by doing what I can to support them.

I learned about Mom’s House from a friend in my prayer circle. He asked our group to pray for a young mother and her 3-year-old son he sponsored through Mom’s House. After hearing her story, I decided to devote my philanthropy to growing the Adopt-A-Mom Program. I am not a rich man but since then my wife and I have participated in the Adopt-A-Mom Program with Mom’s House every year. We have been able to sponsor over a dozen young mothers. It is both thrilling and rewarding to realize that the program my wife and I support contributes to the potential of so many promising students in Lancaster while their children are loved, nurtured, educated, and safe at Mom’s House.

I receive thank you letters nearly every month from mothers we have sponsored, and I am blown away each time by their energy, intelligence, passion, and potential. To one, they are so grateful to be at Mom’s House, and so eager to get out in the world and make a difference. They are growing intellectually and personally. Everyone is a strong individual, seemingly more mature than their years, and eager to carry on the Mom’s House mission of making the world a better place through whatever professional career they pursue. They also seem to be a critical element in transforming the local community.

I have had such a great experience donating to Mom’s House, and I remain grateful for all that your mission does. And I see what a special place Mom’s House is for the single mothers and fathers I support, and for so many others around Lancaster.

I regard my support for these students not as gifts but investments. I am investing in promising students with the hope of realizing long-term returns in the form of a better, independent, and more capable world. More immediately, I hope my philanthropy will have made Mom’s House a better place for all your students to expand their knowledge, improve life skills, and befriend a healthier network of supporters from all walks of life to keep them motivated. I invest in Mom’s House and your Adopt-A-Mom Program in the belief that they are mutually beneficial, the sum far greater than the parts. Through education comes the greatest hope of realizing the fullest human potential.”

To learn more about how you can invest in our “Adopt-A-Mom”, “Adopt-A-Classroom”, or recently introduce “Adopt-A-Child” contact Mom’s House via email at info@momshouselancaster.org. To make a donation now click the DONATE button on our website www.momshouselancaster.org.

Thank you to all our Donors that have kept Mom’s House up and running for 25 years in Lancaster County. We are recognizing donors for the entire month of July. Are you interested in sharing why you give to Mom’s House? Email your story to info@momshouselancaster.org and we will share it on our website and social media pages.