It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that The Mom’s House Board of Directors announced the retirement of Mom’s House Board Member, Martin Long.

He served as a member of the Board of Directors from 1989-2017, as Chair of the Board, VP, Treasurer and Chair of numerous committees.

He said, “I’ve meet a lot of people while helping Mom’s House.  I don’t believe any of them are celebrities, but in my book (and the parents and kids books), every volunteer, donor, Board Member and employee is a living Saint.  Most of them have no idea how much they are appreciated.  But they make a difference to each and every parent and child we serve… Mom’s House cares about single parents and children and is willing to help the parent get an education and give the child a safe place to stay for no cost. I don’t know of any other organization doing that.”

Mom’s House Board of Directors is It is our priority to find the best individuals to bring awareness of Mom’s House, while supporting Mom’s House through fundraising.

Again, we cannot thank Marty enough for the dedication, passion, enthusiasm and motivation he has given Mom’s House over the past 28 years. He will be greatly missed by the staff, Board, members and partners alike.

Mom’s House Board Chair Dominic DeFreece said, “We are thankful to Marty for his stalwart support of Mom’s House, and wish him well in his future endeavors, which will include ongoing support to Mom’s House ideals.”

Mom’s House is celebrating its 26th anniversary, and continues its commitment to empower single mothers [and fathers] to break the cycle of poverty through childcare, support and resources.

Since 1989, Marty has played a critical role in the development and success of the organization, and while we will miss him and his inspiring dedication, we wish him the best as he and his wife, Cheryl spend time with traveling to western Pennsylvania, visiting their 4 grown sons and 3 grandchildren as well as continue to be an active part of their church. We want to thank him for the 28 years of dedicated service which involved many significant accomplishments, including:

– Sitting on the Founding Board for Mom’s House before it became what it is today;

– Raising funds to secure the 415 South Queen Street location where Mom’s House still is located;

– Sitting on numerous Mom’s House committees including the Annual Golf Tournament Committee, Mom’s House’s longest running fundraiser, for 24 years;

– And supporting Mom’s House through the years to offer the accredited program it does today.

“While we are always looking for talented people to sit on the board and take the organization to the next level” DeFreece noted, “we will never be able to replace Marty.”

The Gazette had the opportunity to sit down with Marty and talk about his experience with Mom’s House. You can read the full interview in our Newsroom 

“The best thing about working with Mom’s House is meeting the stream of generous people.  Without them, Mom’s House would not exist.”     -Martin Long