What Does Volunteering Mean To MHOL?

Aug 14, 2016In The Community, Summer

Our volunteers have saved MHOL money, resources, and time with adding value to our program- at the same time! Without their help we would not be able to further our mission and run our programs.

Our volunteers have also put smiles on our children’s faces, and hope in our parents hearts. A price can not be put on the simple act of being here with a friendly face to let our mothers and children know there are people out there that care and believe in them.

The past two weeks have been such a true blessing for us with volunteers!

Pastor Matt and his Mount Conquer Crew

  • LCBC Lancaster’s Circle 3 crew came and worked diligently to get us organized and ready for the upcoming school year!
  • Wilshire Hill Lions’ Rick Eshleman, William and Lorraine Brown volunteered over 30 hours by helping in our backyard, building maintenance, and fundraising efforts!
  • Pastor Matt and his Mount Conquer crew did an amazing job helping us with Phase 2 of our backyard redesign!
  • Bill Brown, a local electrician, donated his equipment and services to upgrade our electrical system!
  • Halley, An F&M student continues to spending her summer with us and providing help in the classroom!

Want to know how you can volunteer at MHOL? Email us at info@momshouselancaster.org!