About Us

Our Purpose

Mom’s House is a nondenominational center that empowers single mothers to complete their education and find meaningful and gainful employment. We believe that mothers have the right to raise their children in conditions of dignity and financial independence. Mom’s House grew out of a movement to provide direction and support for single women faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

We believe that the choice for life does not mean a choice for poverty or welfare.


Mom’s House serves single parents of all ages and backgrounds who want to take responsibility for their children and their future. Mom’s House is a nonresidential program that works with the whole family by providing the following: the highest Pennsylvania commemorated quality of childcare to children (ages 6 weeks to 6 years), parenting and life skills classes, tutoring, a food bank, a clothing closet, a scholarship program, counseling, referral services, and the encouragement and support needed for parents to successfully complete their goals.

Hand UPs No Hand Outs

Mom’s House provides all services free of charge but each parent enrolled in our program signs a contract agreeing to maintain passing grades, to attend school regularly, to participate in weekly part and life skills classes, and give back to Mom’s House with two hours of service each week. Each parent has to be committed to better themselves and their families future to use our services.

Areas Served

Our students are from all over Lancaster County. They are enrolled in area high schools, GED programs, Millersville University, HACC, Lancaster Career and Technology, Stevens College of Technology, LGH Nursing School, Consolidated School of Business, Lancaster School of Cosmetology, and other educational and job- training programs.

Families Served

Since the inception of Mom’s House in 1991, enrollment has gradually increased throughout the years. On average, 15 low-income at-risk single mothers and 18 children are enrolled at Mom’s House yearly. Since 1991, over 300 families have used our services. The Lancaster community saves untold dollars in taxpayer’s money annually due to the removal of these graduates from the welfare system, now they are taxpayers as well.

Mom’s House is a nonresidential program and is not a shelter. If you are in need of assistance, please contact one of the following agencies listed below:

  • Water Street Ministries: 717-393-7709
  • Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster County: 717-299-1249
  • YWCA: 717-393-1735
  • TLC (Transitional Living Center): 717-397-0156
  • CHOC (Community Homeless Outreach Center): 717-358-2070
  • Winter Emergency Shelter (December-March): 717-291-5462
  • or 2-1-1