Our Work

Serving Single Parents Across Lancaster County

Parent Program

Offering Empowerment

Mom’s House is a nonresidential center that empowers single mothers and fathers to complete their education and find meaningful and gainful employment. We believe that parents have the right to raise their children in conditions of dignity and financial independence.

Parents in program are of all ages and backgrounds who want to take responsibility for their children and their future.  Our program provides quality of childcare; parenting and life skills classes; tutoring; a food bank; a children’s clothing closet; a scholarship program; counseling; referral services; and the encouragement and support needed for parents to successfully complete their goals.

Success Stories

Since the inception of Mom’s House in 1991, over 300 families have gone through our program. Over the past 26 years 80% of parents have sustained careers in their field of study, and 90% of parents from our program go to achieve postsecondary education. Parents in our program are from all across Lancaster County and are enrolled in area high schools, GED programs, colleges, universities, and other educational and job- training programs.

Meet our 1st Grad of 2019-2020

Because of donors like you, Sabrina was able to achieve her educational goals,  experience life, and parenting skills while also bonding with other single parents to become more self-sufficient!  Thank you for changing this mother’s and her child’s future!  Sabrina...

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We often speak of how we are supporting children to meet their milestones and prepare them for Kindergarten or other learning opportunities in the future. We year after year see children who have touched our lives and forever leave a mark on Mom's House. Seeing them...

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2017 Highlights

Lives touched by Mom’s House: 28 low-income single-parent families have used Mom’s House services. Enrollment at Mom’s House: 8 infants; 10 toddlers; 14 preschoolers. Wait List: 34 new applications where received; 19 went on our waiting list. Education: Apprx 75-80% of parents pursued a 2-year degree in the medical field. Volunteer Hours: 2,000+ hours were logged by volunteers for the childcare center, parent program fundraising, facility maintenance and administrative duties.

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Childcare Program

State recognized Early Learning Program – Not your ordinary child care center.

Mom’s House offers state-licensed child care to single parents enrolled in school full time at no cost. Our nondenominational faith-based center is a safe, positive and nurturing environment with a curriculum that enhances young children’s:

  • social skills
  • physical development
  • emotional development
  • creativity
  • cognitive development

Curriculum prepared for infants as young as six weeks through preschool age so both mother and baby are on the path for educational success!